Welcome to the St. John Bosco Academy Let’s Get Physical Now!

During this time, we want to stay physically active and healthy. These videos are designed to give you ideas for physical activity and exercise with your family that you can do inside and outside at home. We will add a new video regularly to keep your home exercise fun and adventurous.

SJBA Jump Rope Contest – Let’s Get Physical Now! – Jumps Extended to May 8th

Please email your total number of jumps in a row, or the amount of minutes you spent jumping rope to “Mrs. Pumpkin” Christine@preschoolgym.com  by May 8th.  All students receive a Let’s Get Physical Now Prize to use during the summer.


SJBA – Hoops Outdoor


SJBA – PreSchoolGym Rope Outdoor


PreSchoolGym Kids

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SJBA – Crazy Rope


SJBA – PreSchoolGym Indoor Activities


SJBA – PreSchoolGym Hoops


The Magical Mystery Tour SJBA Series

This is a family friendly program. Let’s get physical now!

Fun Exercises

Pillow Plop Drop

Rope Workout

Group Exercises